Software and Licensing

EVOSS offers software to help you integrate better security and ease of management of your infrastructure. For each software, you can choose the software license that’s right for your nature of business.

Wide range of software and their license plans.

Choose the right software and license plan for your business. Ease and smoothen the business management and operations.

EVOSS has developed software that help businesses to grow by strengthens the security and ease of the management of their business. These software can mitigate issues such as management issues, visual presentation and etc. With our expertise, EVOSS will help to settle this issues in no time.

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EVOSS provide a professional and discreet service that operates with minimal disruptions to your business.

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EVOSS offers global on-line rights licensing, royalty distribution and repertoire management software for collective management organizations.

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Improves the performance of your customer communication process and advances your multi-channel initiatives.

Software and Licensing

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EVOSS provide business with professional support and scalability.

EVOSS provides an end-to-end licensing architecture that meets your business goals. We combine our expertise on licensing agreements, product usage rights and licensing contracts with our system integration capabilities.

1. How EVOSS Software and Licensing system work

EVOSS Software and Licensing system uncover opportunities to optimise your licensing approach to both annualised and subscription licensing models. Besides that, it provides comprehensive planning services for migration to new software releases. EVOSS also provides ongoing management of your environment, within the framework of your agreements.

2. Why choose EVOSS Software and Licensing system

EVOSS offers comprehensive licensing procurement and contract management functionality through our system. Our expertise develops an application strategy that's adaptive to your evolving business needs and inclusive of licensing requirements. So that, this system is a proactive approach to software services which can improved cost control, better protection against risk and streamlined processes.

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